my name is

Luuk van Heerde

and I am a

Creative Communication Expert


Inspired and creative writer.
Passionate marketing and branding expert.
Business realist by day, creative explorer by night.
Proud father and short-order cook for two kids.

Which means there is always something to talk about.


I was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and lived in New York.
How did I end up in Taiwan? Short answer: I took a plane. Not very satisfactory, but there it is.

I am the founder and owner of Look Right,  a communication consultancy agency that creates brand identities and marketing strategies.

I am a passionate promoter of contemporary Taiwanese design, and frequently lecture on the topic of creative entrepreneurship at companies, workshops and universities in Asia.

My passion for creative communication has its roots in my previous career as a TV producer and screenwriter in Europe, where I wrote shows and movies for a wide variety of genres. In fact, I still write screenplays - if I can find the time.

The stories of my company and my clients can be found on its website:


I am a storyteller by nature. My enthusiasm and natural curiosity have propelled me on a multi-faceted professional journey across three continents, but it has always been about storytelling for me, whether it is the narrative of a brand or product, the life story of a fictional character, or the story of my own life.

Creative Director

I founded and operate a communication consultancy agency called Look Right, which is based in Taiwan but which has clients all over the world. You should check us out:


I write about business in Taiwan. It is not a blog, a rant, or a manifesto. It is just my personal view on marketing, branding, and the meaning of life; a stranger's perspective on a strange world.

Career Highlights business

from 2007 to present day

Look Right Creative Communication

Taipei, Taiwan

Company website

Founder and CEO

Agency specializing in finding creative communication solutions and consultancy in branding, marketing, product development, business development and PR. Over 30 international clients in B2B, B2C, the creative industries, hospitality, government and education. For a full company profile and client portfolio, please visit

from 2005 to 2007

Independent Consultant

New York, NY USA

Concept Developer/M & B Consultant

Free-lance consultancy and writing for marketing, branding, TV commercials, radio commercials, print, packaging design, multimedia consultancy, product development, corporate presentations for clients in the USA, Europe and Taiwan.

from 2004 to 2005

Goen Technologies Corporation

Whippany, NJ, USA

Manager Creative Team

Manager and Chief Copywriter for supplementation company that produced TrimSpa (Anne Nicole Smith’s endorsed weight-loss supplements), as well as Winfuel vitamins (endorsed by Dale Ehrhart Jr.). Responsibilities included managing the creative department, conceptualizing and outlining strategies for print and web, as well as writing USA nationwide TV ads and radio copy.

from 2002 to 2004

Popcom BV

Leyden, The Netherlands

Senior Copywriter

Senior copywriter, content and concept developer. Responsibilities includes meeting and persuading clients, leading and motivating the pitch team, conceptualizing and outlining strategies and writing print and web copy in English and Dutch.

Career Highlights Film & TV

As a writer, story editor and series creator, I created more than 150 hours of film and TV in a variety of genres. Before I dedicated myself to full-time screenwriting, I was a producer, executive producer and line producer for several large production companies, producing anything from drama to documentary.

Screenwriting [selection only]

writing | story editing | script editing | series development | concept development | dialogue

TV SERIES: Jan, Jans en de Kinderen (NCRV | sitcom | 28") | Meiden van De Wit (ZDF/Fremantle | drama | 50")

DAILY SERIAL/SOAP: Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden (RTL4 | soap | 28"), Ugly Betty/Lotte (SBS6 | telenovellas | 28"), Alex FM (MTV | soap | 21")

FEATURE FILM: Blackout (NPS | crime/thriller | 120"), Bazooka | short/comedy| 15")

DETECTIVE/CRIME: Luifel & Luifel (SBS6 | crime/drama | 50")

SITCOM: Bradaz (NPS | sitcom | 28"), SamSam/Three's a Company (VERONICA | sitcom | 28"), Kwartelhof (NPS | sitcom | 28")

RADIO DRAMA: Coming Home (BBC World Service | radio | 30")

TV COMMERCIAL: Trimspa (USA | TV | 15"/30"/60"), NV (USA | TV | 15"/30"),Nutramist (USA | radio | 15"), Trojan (USA | TV | 15"), iCool (USA | TV | 30"/15"), Qunol (USA | TV | 15"/30"),

Producing [selection only]

producer | line producer | executive producer

LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: Waar Vallen Vrouwen Voor (SBS6 | talkshow | 50") | Lucky Lotto Live (Veronica | live show | 60")

DRAMA/SITCOM: In de Vlaamsche Pot (Veronica | sitcom | 28"), Fort Alpha (TROS | drama | 50"), Playback (VARA | TV movie | 100")

NEWS AND DOCUMENTARY: Angel One (NCRV | documentary | 55"), AT5 (news TV station)

Non-writing projects

I am fascinated with the American culture of warnings. Fear of litigation as much as fear of injury or death has suffused daily life with warning signs. Apparently, we are under constant threat from products containing peanuts, wet floors, hot contents about to be spilled and plastic bags that could suffocate our children. We appear to live in an urban jungle of our own making that is constantly out to destroy us.

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